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Easter Bunny Hugs

Kate Saunders | 2nd April 2020

Easter Bunny Hug Biscuits   With Easter around the corner these little Easter bunny biscuits are so cute to for the kids to make.  Baking with children is fantastic for them, it gives them so much more than you can imagine, from learning new words, to maths to science and life skills.       … Continue reading Easter Bunny Hugs

Jerusalem Artichoke & Orange Cake

Kate Saunders | 13th March 2020

                Jerusalem Artichoke & Orange Sponge Serves 6-8 200g      Jerusalem artichoke 200g      self-raising flour 150g      caster sugar 3             medium free range eggs 100g      unsalted butter (at room temperature) 1             unwaxed Orange Juice & zest Filling & drizzle decoration 1             unwaxed orange – juice … Continue reading Jerusalem Artichoke & Orange Cake

Kale & Lime Cheesecake

Kate Saunders | 24th February 2020

                    A light a refreshing cheesecake, you would never guess that the kale is one of the largest ingredients. Ingredients: 150g       Kale 150g       Rolled Oats 1/2 tsp    Flax Seeds 1/2 tsp    Hemp Seeds 1/2 tbsp   Sunflower Seeds 1/2 tbsp   Pumpkin Seeds 60g  … Continue reading Kale & Lime Cheesecake

Going green, don't bail eat kale!!

Kate Saunders | 24th February 2020

This is not my favourite time of the year, the warm days still seem a long way off, although I do love crispy frosty mornings, and the pretty patterns the frost makes, everything seems quite drab. Which is probably why I like to cheer myself up with vibrant colourful vegetables, and one that produces attractive … Continue reading Going green, don’t bail eat kale!!

Blow away those January blues

Kate Saunders | 20th January 2020

with  beautiful and vibrant blood oranges hues. In season now, it’s time to seek out your blood oranges, they are only around for a short time. Grown in the Mediterranean, being slightly tarter than regular oranges, they have amazing ruby red pigment inside and a wonderful blush skin on the outside. It is this pigment … Continue reading Blow away those January blues

Swede & Blood Orange Steamed Sponge Pudding

Kate Saunders | 20th January 2020

This is a wonderful recipe to blow away those January blues, however, blood oranges are not in season very long. Ingredients:  100g   Swede 4        Blood Oranges – unwaxed 150g   Unsalted Butter 150g   Light Brown Sugar 3        Medium Free-Range Eggs 150g   Self-Raising Flour 5        Star Anise (whole pods) 60g     … Continue reading Swede & Blood Orange Steamed Sponge Pudding

Vegan Celeriac, Apple & Sultana Cake

Kate Saunders | 2nd January 2020

Join us this month with our wonderful vegan cake recipe created especially for you.   We are always being asked for more and more vegan cakes and this one wont disappoint you, packed full of plant base goodness…… enjoy.       Celeriac apple and sultana cake 200g Celeriac 4 tbsp Apple Juice 100g Sultanas … Continue reading Vegan Celeriac, Apple & Sultana Cake

Pumpkins Galore

Kate Saunders | 8th October 2019

  The only superstar vegetable I can talk about in October has to be, and you probably have guessed it…. the pumpkin!! however, before I get into the nitty gritty on how to use this seriously fabulous nutritious health bomb, let’s start at the beginning.           The pumpkin is actually a … Continue reading Pumpkins Galore

Courgettes, courgettes and more courgettes.

Kate Saunders | 6th August 2019

If you’ve ever planted a courgette plant you know how many courgettes you get in return. I’m going to give you a fabulous tip for keeping courgettes But, we don’t just plant one courgette plant do we!! It tends to be at least 4 to 6 plants, and if looked after well, they produce an … Continue reading Courgettes, courgettes and more courgettes.

Aubergine Chocolate Mousse

Kate Saunders | 24th July 2019

    Oh my, when I challenge myself to create something a little different with aubergine, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to create, I didn’t want another cake, I was thinking more of a dessert. Enter the new Aubergine Chocolate Mousse, and yes whilst it might take you a little while to … Continue reading Aubergine Chocolate Mousse

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Emma-Louise Maddocks
"Just want to say, your Christmas pudding was amazing and you have a customer for life. Everyone comments on how nice it was!"
Zac Purchase - Olympic gold & silver medallist
"Enjoying a late night wedge of Parsnip Fruit Loaf courtesy of @Blackberry_Cott from the @thamefoodfest today #yum"
Lynne, Nottingham
"Arrived very quickly and beautifully wrapped. Amazingly tasty, couldn't believe they were gluten free and made with vegetables. I'll be back for more yummy treats."
Sam, London
"We had some of your amazing cakes at the Goring Food Festival yesterday, they were delicious!"
Wendy, Wallingford
"We all thoroughly enjoyed the day with you, we learnt so much and were amazed at how easy it is to use vegetables, different flours, less sugar and fats."
Ellis, Basingstoke
"Guess what I did last night…. Made chocolate cupcakes, with butternut squash & spinach! They are delicious. Made with rice flour too, & no butter. Thank you for your inspiration."