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Interview with Kate (part 2)

Kate Saunders | 8th March 2016








This week’s blogs give us some top tips and insight into the wonderful world of cake baking at Blackberry Cottage.



Q: Kate, what is your favourite cake to make

Apricot and Almond with Carrot
Apricot and Almond with Carrot

Kate: I really love making the Almond, Apricot and Carrot, it is a very complex cake, with no added fats or refined sugar, always gives me a challenge.


Q: What is your favourite cake to eat

Lemon Poppy Seed with Sweet Potato
Lemon Poppy Seed with Sweet Potato

Kate– If you ask all my family they will have a different answer, my eldest daughter is the Lime Drizzle with Courgette. My youngest daughter is Chocolate Brownie with Spinach. My husband is Flapjacks with Courgettes. And mine is Lemon Poppy Seed and Sweet Potato, delicious.


Q: Who are your baking inspirations


Kate: I love Yotam Ottolenghi., I like Chefs, bakers, cooks with a unique culinary tradition


Q: What 3 tips would you give to someone who wants to experiment with getting veggies into their cakes –


Kate: Firstly don’t be afraid to experiment.


  1. If you are new to vegetable cakes, take a traditional carrot cake recipe and use parsnips, and different spices.
  2. Think about the water content of the vegetable, lots of people say their cakes don’t rise and flop, could be because the vegetables are to wet.
  3. Consider your spices with vegetables, what goes well together like parsnip, apple and ginger.



Q: What’s your funniest baking fail


Kate: Not so much of a fail, but when I run courses, the participants have to create their own vegetable cake, the funniest thing is to watch their faces when I tell them this, they are all so worried that their cakes will be awful, but all the cakes taste great, (they’ve had great tuition from me in the morning :) )


Course in full swing
Course in full swing

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Emma-Louise Maddocks
"Just want to say, your Christmas pudding was amazing and you have a customer for life. Everyone comments on how nice it was!"
Zac Purchase - Olympic gold & silver medallist
"Enjoying a late night wedge of Parsnip Fruit Loaf courtesy of @Blackberry_Cott from the @thamefoodfest today #yum"
Lynne, Nottingham
"Arrived very quickly and beautifully wrapped. Amazingly tasty, couldn't believe they were gluten free and made with vegetables. I'll be back for more yummy treats."
Sam, London
"We had some of your amazing cakes at the Goring Food Festival yesterday, they were delicious!"
Wendy, Wallingford
"We all thoroughly enjoyed the day with you, we learnt so much and were amazed at how easy it is to use vegetables, different flours, less sugar and fats."
Ellis, Basingstoke
"Guess what I did last night…. Made chocolate cupcakes, with butternut squash & spinach! They are delicious. Made with rice flour too, & no butter. Thank you for your inspiration."