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Learn to bake cakes with some nutritional value, with hidden vegetables, from aubergine to Zucchini there's a whole alphabet to explore.

Learn baking skills that will last you a lifetime, this course is ideal for any skill level.

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    Kate Saunders

    Award winning baker and author

    Blackberry Cottage

    Who is your tutor?

    Kate has been creating cakes with secret ingredients for 10 years, and been teaching for 5 years.

    She lives in the beautiful West Berkshire countryside, UK where her cookery school is based, with her husband, 2 daughters, horses, sheep, chickens, dog and cats.

    She regularly travels the country giving talks and cooking demonstrations. 2018 Kate published her first book, Cakes with Secret Ingredients from Aubergine to Zucchini.

    "Kate's enthuisam for teaching is infectious" Mary - Oxford

    "after 26 years of baking I still learnt so much" Jess - Cambridge

    What will you learn?

    Build your confidence in the kitchen and learn how to bake delicious cakes with vegetables as one of the largest ingredients, yet still taste like a regular cake.

    Along with regular ingredients we will also be using alternative flours, no added sugars or added fats.

    Kate will share top tips and advice, every recipe will have a full shopping and equipment list, recipe guide lines, videos and printable recipes.

    Our course has all you need to help you add a wonderful twist to your baking and creating a cake with some nutritional value!